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🔥GLOWUP Landing Page & Blog For A Book We HELPED Publish

We built a lightning-fast, SEO optimized landing page and blog for the book “JUST BREATHE,” which we helped publish on Amazon. The site is hosted and managed by us, and its style aligns with the book’s empowering message. We also developed an editorial process flow and content calendar to streamline the site’s design process.

The Book:

“JUST BREATHE” is a series of empowering thoughts that can be incorporated into every breath, creating a safe space for the reader at that moment. The book establishes a mindset that generates emotions and actions of hope, power, joy, and calmness.

The Landing Page and Blog:

Our team built a fast, responsive, and SEO optimized website that showcases the book’s empowering message. The landing page features a concise description of the book and its benefits, along with a clear call-to-action to download it for free on Kindle. The blog section features articles on topics related to the book’s message, such as mindfulness and mental health.


The landing page and blog for “JUST BREATHE” align with the book’s empowering message, providing visitors with a safe space for reflection and inspiration. Our editorial process flow and content calendar ensure the site is updated regularly with our website management services.

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