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🔥SCROLL-STOPPING Carousel For A Commercial Cleaning Company


United One Cleaning is a Texas-based cleaning company that provides personalized cleaning services for various industries. The company specializes in commercial, residential, industrial, and healthcare cleaning, among others. As part of their digital marketing efforts, we designed carousel social media posts to showcase their services and expertise.


We developed a dark blue and sky blue color scheme to add contrast to the social media posts, which feature the company’s cleaning services and expertise in different industries. The carousel posts were designed with several styles to showcase the company’s range of services, including deep cleanings and regular upkeep. We created visually appealing designs that highlight the importance of maintaining clean and sanitized spaces.

Editorial Process Flow and Calendar:

To streamline cluttered emails and establish an organized design process, we developed an editorial process flow for the social media and newsletters. We also created a calendar that mapped out the social media posts, ensuring a consistent and unified brand messaging across all platforms using Markup.io.


The United One Cleaning Social Media Carousel Posts Design project successfully showcased the company’s personalized cleaning services and expertise in different industries. The visually appealing designs and organized editorial process flow and calendar ensure a consistent brand messaging across all social media platforms.

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